About us

      As the time is passing , life is getting  busier than ever before. Social life is evolving  and changing  into digital form in bits and bytes. As a result of lack of time , people  started to communicate  and share moments via mobile phone and social media networks. However , these social media networks  were never designed for matrimonial  purpose.

We saw thousands of dating  websites but hardly found any reliable,  effective  and safe way of finding  muslim life partner . There was also hardly any safe way of finding  right person  for siblings. This motivated us to create a muslim matrimonial  website keeping  in mind of the need of muslims living  overseas and away from their cultures.

We created Single Muslim Matrimonial Australia keeping in mind true faith of our religion. We understand sensitivity of private info and your info will never be passed or leaked. Feel free to use our muslim matrimonial service and if you need any help in anyway , please drop us an email and we’ll be in touch.  

Privacy Policy 

Your details , info, numbers and email addresses are always protected and they are never revealed to anyone. Nobody contacts you unless you want them to contact you. Our data protection means that no one will be able to access or view your details. 

At Single Muslim Matrimonial Australia , privacy of your data is our first priority. Your data is never and will never revealed to anyone except for the Law Enforcement Agencies if they will present legal request. However , you’ll be informed of such data release. You don’t need to worry about your cultural preferences because as a muslim, we understand your concerns. Your satisfaction is our success and Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If there is anything you are concerned about , please drop us an email via our contact page. 

Our Philosophy

Stay positive in both action & thought, whether it affects you or another Be thankful  for your ability to relaize that you are alive. Giving smiles to our members via our excellent service and helping them in every possible way. Give it your best because only true limits in life is yourself.

Cherish little things in life and don’t sweat small thing.


Meet  Our Team

Aida Lmnawar

Customer Service

I am customer service officer. My job is to make sure that your concerns are answered and resolved in timely manner.




I am the founder of Single Muslim Australia and my job is to ensure the proper service delivery, privacy and over look every aspect of this website.


Ali Khouri

Marketing Manager

I am marketing manager of Single Muslim Australia. My job is to ensure correct marketing according to S.M.A  philosophy.






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